Back To Nature

Did you know domestic dogs are direct descendants of the Grey Wolf?


Genetically, there is less than a 2% difference in the DNA between all dog breeds. In other words, regardless if it’s wild, purebred or hybrid, a dog will always be and always has been a dog. Science has confirmed their predisposition to hunt has been influenced by the long history of their carnivorous ancestors. A dogs natural desire to hunt, chase and capture prey should be obvious enough, but to better understand this let’s take a trip into the Raw American Wilderness!


After a kill most dogs will reward themselves and feast on their newest prize in its entirety- flesh, bones, organs, and all. As a result, they will put on extra weight from the surplus of calories ingested and be less efficient while hunting. Due to the failed hunts and decreased caloric levels, they will begin to shed the extra weight as they get closer to capturing their next meal. In the meantime, they will scavenge dead carcass and graze on plant matter to sustain themselves. As a result of being slightly underweight, their bodies will go through hormonal changes that increase performance. This, along with finely tuned hunting skills and a strong survival instinct will allow them to earn their next meal!



A raw food diet is intended to mimic this natural process, so it only makes sense that animal protein should be the mainstay of their diets. Dogs are not genetically designed to efficiently process the high carb, high grain recipes that are typical of the dog food industry. Dogs are not corn-ivores, so the least we can do is feed them a high quality protein based meal. Our dogs rely on us to provide them with all of their dietary needs, so as pet owners it is our obligation to give them the very best we can!