What goes into making the best pet food available?


Every ingredient that goes into your personal recipe is fresh, made from high quality food sources to you and your pets liking. Years of research and refinement went into creating a blueprint designed to mimic your pets natural diet, the way nature intended. In an effort to sync their overall well being with the very DNA that makes them unique, we set out to create the highest standard of raw food to be found.

In order to accomplish this, we maintain that good is not good enough. You shouldn’t settle for anything short of excellence, so we begin by using all natural, USDA approved ingredients. Then, by using unique blends of the highest BV protein and superior alkaline enhancing superfoods, we can create the perfect recipe – not to be found in any other food bowl.


Home made pet food. Natures blueprint, your design.



Any way you look at it, nobody does it better than Mother Nature or Father God. Dogs and cats have descended from carnivores and should be fed accordingly to maintain their best health possible. Whole animals – including meat, bone and organ – should be the mainstay of a prey model diet, but a small amount of vegetation can go a long way. To boost the overall nutrient content and simulate when food sources are scarce, we utilize 10% of the overall meal in the form of our Essential vitamin medley. The effective percentages in our formula come out to 70/10/10/7/3 of Meat, bone, organ, vegetables and fruit for a total of 100% natural.


Superfoods are unparalleled at providing a myriad of health benefits and are remarkably high in nutritional value. They are excellent sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein. We use a special blend of these ingredients, creating a synergy that keeps them looking and feeling good all day long.


For those of you who understand and value the benefits of healthy pH levels, we have made a list just for you. Compare and choose ingredients that may be the deciding factor to help maintain a favorable acid-alkaline balance in your pets diet.


Fresh meat is the number one ingredient to supply your pets with the amino acid building blocks necessary to keep them strong and fit. The best way to do this is to use the highest BV protein sources suitable for their digestive system. Various animal proteins, whole eggs and organ meat provide the necessary nutrients to support healthy muscles, growth and recovery.


Natures multivitamin. Not only are they a great source of protein, but are jam-packed with nutrients. Their high vitamin and mineral content aid in nearly every bodily function, helping to ensure a complete and balanced diet necessary for overall health and vitality.


While the majority of your pets food is derived from animal sources, we like to utilize a portion of their diet to supplement all the little things. Think of it as an insurance policy.  Nutrient dense fruits and vegetables provide an array of vitamins and minerals with a complete spectrum of antioxidants and phytonutrients.  Add in a dose of essential fatty acids, probiotics and any other ingredients your pets need to thrive on and you have just created the perfect recipe.



Ok, now let’s talk a bit about what isn’t in it.

For starters:

  • Nothing you didn’t specifically ask for
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Shapes
  • Non Processed and No Added Preservatives
  • No By-products or  Meat Meals
  • No Fillers or Non-beneficial Ingredients
  • No Hidden or Mystery Ingredients
  • Absolutely No Inferior Ingredients at all.


Look around and you will easily find several brands of pet food that rely on gimmicks or interesting shapes and colors to get your attention. Our pets don’t care about these things, so why should we? Real meat, vegetables and fruit provide optimized nutrition with an authentic taste pets love.

This begs the question then… why do they even use them?




Despite what they would lead you to believe, large volume pet food manufacturers primary goal is to make money. In an effort to make even more they need to cut costs and one such way to do this is by using cheaper ingredients. They know there is a good chance uninformed consumers won’t read their product labels and will buy food based on what they’ve heard about and seen on the pet store shelf. Often times, our best option tends to be the one with the best marketing campaign. The truth of the matter is it can be downright confusing comparing pet food labels, trying to make sense of mystery ingredients and sorting out the parenthesis. Among the seemingly endless choices it quickly becomes white noise, so we tend to assume if it’s good enough for them to sell, it must be good enough for us to buy. Sadly, this is hardly the case. 😦

This is where you come in.

Nothing goes into your pets food, unless you say it does. You want peace of mind that whatever your pets are eating is good for them, so this is our solution for you. Allow us to lend a Second Hand and we will prepare a meal plan designed for your pets unique needs – any way you’d like.