Our Story

What is the Second Hand?

The Second Hand is another way to say we are here for you. As a service based company, your satisfaction is what matters most, so we take an accommodating approach in everything we do.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” -Colossians 3:17

Our views and our vision

  1. God is first. If He said it, we believe it and try to live by it.
  2. Everything else is second, but our vision is simple; to earn the reputation as an industry leader and pioneer of personalized pet nutrition needs.

Our Missionmission-pic1

Our mission is driven by passion and a dedication to excellence. Our aim is to grow with you and your pets throughout each stage of life, to accommodate and adjust for any changes in their dietary needs along the way. We want to satisfy your desire for something better while we redefine what that means every day. You should be confident you are doing your best for them, so we will always do the same for you.

Our Story

IMG_20190218_111719_503We are Jimmie and Amy Houston. Lifelong animal lovers and owners of the Second Hand personalized pet food service, maker of high quality raw food diets.

Like you, we only want the best for our pets. As two self proclaimed health nuts we appreciate the benefits of a healthy, natural diet, so it only makes sense to give our babies the best as well. Our passion and love for our animals is what led us here, searching for that missing link in their nutrition

This search began nearly 20 years ago. I had 2 imported Belgian Malinois in training for future service work and as such their bodies needed the highest level of nutrition I could give them. They were fed a reputable brand of kibble, but when I learned the realities of the dog food industry, I knew there had to be something better. This is when I discovered raw feeding and quickly noticed my dogs health and performance improve in nearly every way. Despite countless horror stories of a Salmonella cesspool, E. Coli and nutritional deficiencies there was no denying this was that something better. A bit of this, no more of that, some trial, error and lots of research began to pay off. As the years went on, I received an increasing amount of interest from people about my dogs and the one question I’m always asked to this day is what I feed them.

After years of lending a second hand to help those interested in raw feeding, it became apparent there are as many unsure how to make it work for them as those who doubt it will.  We have found the primary hurdles keeping pet owners from feeding a homemade raw diet is time, understanding and physical limitations. There seemed to be a void in this area of the pet food industry, so we saw a need to address these issues for people just like you. When we decided to offer our services to the public we had one goal in mind; to make all-natural specialized diets available to everyone who is unable to do so themselves.

We are the Second Hand personalized pet food service. Nearly 20 years in the making and still doing our best to make it better every day, in every way.


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