What to look out for

Look around and you will easily find several brands of pet food that rely on gimmicks or interesting shapes and colors to get your attention. Our pets don’t care about these things, so why should we? Real meat, vegetables and fruit provide optimized nutrition with an authentic taste pets love.

This begs the question then… why do they even use them?




Despite what they would lead you to believe, large volume pet food manufacturers primary goal is to make money. In an effort to make even more they need to cut costs and one such way to do this is by using cheaper ingredients. They know there is a good chance uninformed consumers wont read their product labels and will buy food based on what they’ve heard and seen on the pet store shelf. Often times, our best option tends to be the one with the best marketing campaign. The truth of the matter is it can be quite confusing comparing pet food labels trying to make sense of these mystery ingredients with hard to pronounce “science-based” names. With all of the choices available it quickly becomes white noise, so we tend to assume if it’s good enough for them to sell, it must be good enough for us to buy. Sadly, this is hardly the case. 😦


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